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Deep­ Rooted­ Thoughts­ from­ the­ CEO­ of­ Fidelis­Group

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Deep­ Rooted­ Thoughts­ from­ the­ CEO­ of­ Fidelis­Group

I remember as if it was still yesterday, we had just laid down the foundation of Fidelis Group in the year 2010. All these 11 years of putting up a robust business have been quite challenging as well as interesting at the same time. I always believe that mitigating risks from a strong perspective of finance is what helps businesses to strive in all situations. Also, there are some key elements that we miss out on during the everyday hustle of running a huge company, those include analyzing situations from the root cause and giving it an investment perspective twist to handle certain scenarios. I also stand strongly on the need to acquire regular feedbacks, recommendations, and support from those who are working for Fidelis Group.

We Value Mental Health of Employees
The heart and soul of a company are its valuable human resource. All year round the employees of the Fidelis Group contribute towards development, sustainability, innovative inventions, cracking promising deals for the company, and much more, to help in gaining an upper edge for our company globally. Therefore, nourishing the mental well-being of the employees is my top priority. The HR team at Fidelis Group is constantly in touch with the members to check the status of mental health and well-being. Moreover, one way to eliminate stress and isolation at the workplace is to engage employees in fun and games activities. We keep up a lively atmosphere at the workplace to avoid a monotonous routine. We promote a healthy social environment to build team spirit, create an interesting and enjoyable workplace.

Furthermore, team leaders play a vital role in bestowing confidence in the members and assuring them that we are with them through thick and thin. Also, Fidelis Group is on the verge of establishing an ‘Employee Assistance Program’ to aid in the well-being of members. We are in partnership with a few organizations which assist our employees in living a healthy lifestyle.

Skill Building Promotes Growth
As the CEO of Fidelis Group, I think the most important aspect of growth is keeping ourselves up-to-date about recent happenings in the world. The much-awaited digital era has become a reality due to the outbreak of the coronavirus infection. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a shift towards digital platforms such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, augmented reality, and much more. Therefore, we need to learn all technical aspects to keep the company on its toes. Skill building is a crucial niche in today’s time as it develops a growth mindset and rewires the neurons in the brain to harbor a critical thinking process. In addition, honing our in-built capabilities along with adopting new abilities develops a powerful brain mechanism, which is useful in the long run for the members of Fidelis. Therefore, at Fidelis Group we conduct various workshops, seminars, discussions, and talks to inculcate novel skills in the team members. Further, we emphasize upgrading our existing team first, rather than hiring from the market. This way, we grow as a team and boost confidence in the employees from the core.

The Things You Regret Most in Life are the Risks You didn’t Take
We are often told since childhood not to take risks and try to lead a simple life. However, I think otherwise. A life without risks holds no meaning at all. We at Fidelis Group encourage all our employees to take calculated and smart risks that will result in something meaningful. The leadership team at Fidelis will lead by example of risk-taking. We cultivate a risk-taking atmosphere for the employees by defining a fixed set of parameters. Also, we create a space where employees feel trusted and won’t be judged if they face failures. But rather dwell on a learning perspective via failures and reward those who take risks even if they don’t pay off. Fidelis is always on the lookout for people who are willing to take smart risks to surge business.

Major Growth Milestones at Fidelis

  • We signed up a Retail Giant in 2011 to start our staffing journey with 25 resources, and by 2014 we had achieved total strength of 500 resources. Also, we became a part of the skill development program with NSDC.
  • In 2016, we launched the first skill development program by the name DDUGKY and set up training centers in the rural Karnataka region.
  • In 2017, we achieved another milestone by touching the total strength of 1000 resources.
  • In 2019, we grew to 2000 resources and became an Aggregator for SOW Business for one of the biggest IT conglomerates in India.
  • In 2021, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we closed the year with a revenue of 100-crore and extend our global reach in APAC by opening a branch office in Singapore.

Measures Taken at Fidelis Group for New Recruits

  • New joiners will be made aware of the current pandemic scenario and all the necessary help will be provided to them by the respective team.
  • They are provided with all the required hardware and software, to avoid facilitating the same.
  • They are stimulated by the essential communication tools.
  • Recruits are made aware of their colleagues and their immediate managers.
  • They will be given contact details and whom to connect with in case of an emergency.
  • The HR team will be constantly in touch to ensure that they are comfortable with the organization’s culture.

Message for those Who Want to Work with Us
Fidelis Group is a family with team members working for 8-10 years. We offer ample growth opportunities for employees and create the best working atmosphere. Our priority lies with the current members in terms of promotions or appraisals which are based on abilities and skills. Also, we conduct monthly events to ease off the pressure from the team members and have a blissful time with colleagues. Fidelis is primarily driven by its core values since its inception and we adhere to them at all times.

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