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Cloud Services: Recurring Issues And Mitigations

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Cloud Services: Recurring Issues And Mitigations

Cloud computing has evolved into an indispensable component of modern IT infrastructure, with an increasing number of organisations shifting their applications and resources to the cloud. The benefits of cloud services, such as scalability, flexibility, and cost savings, are evident. Despite these advantages, organisations frequently encounter recurring issues while using cloud services. In this regard, the following are some of the recurring issues in cloud services and their potential mitigations. 

Cloud Cost Management 

One of the major recurring issues that organisations face while using cloud services is the cost of cloud computing. The cost of cloud computing can increase rapidly if cloud resources are not managed effectively. To manage cloud costs, it is important to understand how cloud costs are calculated and handle resources efficiently. This includes scaling down resources, bringing down unused instances, creating access for specific users, and monitoring usage continuously. Organisations can use tools and technologies provided by cloud service providers (CSPs) to monitor and manage costs efficiently. 

Security on the Cloud 

Another recurring issue that organisations face is security on the cloud. Organisations are responsible for securing their applications and resources within the cloud, while CSPs take care of security on hardware, host, and networking areas. To ensure the security of their applications and resources, organisations should have proper security principles in place, identify vulnerabilities early from development, and follow industry best practices for securing cloud resources. This includes using security tools and technologies provided by CSPs and implementing multi-factor authentication and encryption for data in transit and at rest. 

Performance of Applications on the Cloud 

The performance of applications on the cloud is critical for organisations that rely on the cloud for their business operations. To optimise the performance of applications, organisations need to configure their hosting environment based on the best practices provided by CSPs. This includes ensuring accessibility between applications and databases, managing applications on cloud and on-premises systems (hybrid), and ensuring resources are in the same virtual network. Organisations can also use tools and technologies provided by CSPs to monitor the performance of their applications and resources. 

Access Management 

Managing access to cloud resources is another recurring issue that organisations face. Organisations need to grant access to a limited number of people across projects and ensure that access is provided based on the principle of least privilege. This includes using identity and access management tools and technologies provided by CSPs, setting up policies for access control, and regularly reviewing and auditing access privileges. 

Monitoring Resources 

Organisations are constantly adding new applications and services to the cloud, which can result in recurring issues related to billing and usage limit exceedance. To manage resources effectively, organisations need to continuously monitor usage using CSP monitoring tools. This will help to review resource utilisation and manage over-utilized resources within the limit. Organisations should also regularly review their billing reports and analyse usage patterns to identify opportunities for cost savings. 

While cloud services offer several benefits, recurring issues related to cost, security, performance, access management, and resource monitoring can arise if not managed effectively. By following best practices, leveraging tools and technologies provided by CSPs, and continuously monitoring usage, organisations can mitigate these recurring issues and ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. It is crucial for organisations to keep themselves updated with the latest best practices, and CSPs' services and offerings to ensure that they are leveraging cloud services to their fullest potential.

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