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Human Capital As A Service

Talent Kloud

Talent.Kloud is a future ready enterprise talent cloud platform to find, source and engage on demand talent from a large pool of expert and independent consultants to outsource short term technology driven gigs or projects that require specialized skill sets with hassle free engagement models.

Our Talent.Kloud helps organizations leverage on meeting demands for specific needs, agile solutions, large range of project needs and explore more business domains and opportunities in a time and cost effective manner while harnessing expert talent through various skill pockets of consultants rather than single resource or in house people allocation.

Our platform offers proactive delivery of defined deliverables, KPI’s and robust resource management in a secure, industry compliant and time bound manner,


The Talent Kloud Edge

A Future Ready Enterprise Platform

  • On demand, flexible talent to meet business challenges

  • Trusted partner with cost effective pricing models

  • Bridging the talent gap for Enterprise Companies

  • An end to end cloud based solution architecture

  • Progression in resource management solutions

  • Scale with a value chain of a vast skill pocket

  • Organic talent development in the digital economy

  • Flexible policy framework with industry best practices

  • Full range of recruitment services for the technology sector

  • A growing specialist practice with the participation of industry leaders

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Since 2010, we have experienced and understood the growing part that solving real world problems plays in everyday life as we are spontaneously building on our heritage and business culture central to our thought process, brand philosophy, ethics and often game-changing ideas into practical solutions.

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We believe that the blueprint to eloquent results and culture is dependent on building a people first and value driven outlook . We find all our strength in impeccable leadership, collective learning and spontaneous research to facilitate a products to solutions, knowledge to solutions and skills to solutions fit in all our work spanning a decade.

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At Fidelis, we believe that good corporate governance is driven by adherence to moral and ethical values, legal and regulatory framework and the adoption of good practices.

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