Our Journey

Inspired. Fuelled. Sustained

Since 2007, we have experienced and understood the growing part that solving real world problems plays in everyday life as we are spontaneously building on our heritage and business culture and reinventing ourselves just as the legendary phoenix bird always takes a new birth from its ashes to assume a new life.

  • 2007



    Fidelis started its journey in the name of Paylink Financial services as a payroll and accounts partner


    We commenced our incredible journey with a core focus on payroll and accounts services under the able leadership of our CEO Subrahmanya. B.A.

  • 2010


    Fidelis Corporate Solutions Pvt Ltd was born to become a leading staffing partner


    In The Year 2010 we moved to staffing solutions and provide skilled human capital to organizations to meet changing business needs.

  • 2011



    Captured 1st retail giant with 25 resources


    In the year 2011 we forayed into large scale operations and captured our first retail client with staffing solutions

  • 2012


    Fidelis Retail India Pvt Ltd – a group company of fidelis group was formed to spread our wings towards Retail trade and business


    In the year 2012 we entered the retail business space to create an impact and expand the scope of our services across the industry

  • 2013


    Our first import of Antipasti from Italy – a rare food collection in India


    In the year 2013 we took a major stride in the international retail market by facilitating a major import of a rare food from Italy.

  • 2014


    1. Reached a milestone of 500 resources


    2. Started Skill Development Programme By Collaborating With NSDC


    In the year 2014 we reached major milestones and emerged as key player for staffing solutions and forayed into the skill development space with a major government body liasion.

  • 2015


    In the view of spreading our wings we entered IT space with gamut of IT Solutions


    In 2015 after an extensive market study, we decided to foray into into the IT Space and build on our competencies for a wide industry coverage

  • 2016


    Fidelis was awarded a skill development project by name DDUGKY to set up training centers in rural places of Karnataka


    In the year 2016 we forayed into large scale skill development programs and implementations in association with government advisory for initiatives for rural areas.

  • 2017


    1. Branch office started in Troy, Michigan-USA


    2. Reached a milestone of 1000 employees


    In the year 2017, we set foot on international soil with a branch office in USA and a large team of employees to drive our work ahead.

  • 2019


    In the year 2019 we set benchmarks and emerged as a powerful workforce as we reached a milestone of 2000 employees

  • 2020


    We spontaneously keep innovating and improve on our service delivery models as we at Fidelis reached a record of handling 150 IT projects