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Interface With Industry 4.0 With Fidelis Group

Emerging Technology trends such as Automation, Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud, IoT, Cognitive Computing and so forth are enabling new business opportunities and have an overbearing impact on efficient business operations. Organizations are adapting to emerging digital technologies to facilitate innovation in business models, remodel and improve business processes and empower their workforce and consumers alike.

A smart implementation of automated and agile IT Processes and infrastructure is the key to digital efficiency and tactical growth. An ideal implementation focuses on the following considerations and outcomes.

Digital Efficiency And Growth

An Ideal Implementation Includes

  • Agile Implementations

    1. Automation Solutions
    2. Seamless Process Management
    3. IT Operational Competency And Intelligence
    4. Agile Systems

  • Employee Efficiency

    1. Enabling Modern Work Systems
    2. Streamlined Collaboration
    3. Mapping Employee Performance
    4. Employee Retention

  • Consumer Delight

    1. Omnichannel Experience
    2. Data Driven Analytics
    3. Improved Consumer Loyalty
    4. Efficient Customer Management

  • Security

    1. Real Time Risk Management
    2. Secure Process Implementations
    3. Brand Reputation Management
    4. Threat Mapping & Mitigation

The complex nature of these processes, cost efficiency and the need to standardize these core business processes has led to enterprises today to opt for value oriented services and offload the burden of specific information technology operations to Managed Service Providers allowing them to seamlessly manage core business needs while they upscale resources, adapt to emerging technology trends and meet risk mitigation needs seamlessly.


Managed Services

The concept of managed services assumes a 360 Degrees responsibility to streamline IT operational efficiency and proactively implement emerging trends, disruptive foresight and actionable insights as a strategic partner to be future ready. The engagement model usually combines long term strategy and is usually priced on a subscription, consumption and on site basis model. Managed services include but are not limited to; security and compliance, data infrastructure management, technology assets management and IT infrastructure management.

Outsourcing to an experienced managed services company gives you the required edge to run core processes with lesser interruptions from non-core underlying systems.

Enterprises are now turning rapidly to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to manage service needs according to new market research and it is becoming a critical need for large and medium modern companies for management of priority technology functionalities, particularly business applications, storage, backup and recovery and data networking

The Fidelis Advantage

Leverage On Our Experience For Accelerated Results

At Fidelis Group, our future ready approach to managed services enables spontaneous process adjustments & operational efficiency for all business aspects. We help organizations upscale IT Infrastructure in terms of agility, performance and efficient use of time, cost and resources.

Our comprehensive and integrated solutions empower organizations to manage distributed and Hybrid IT environments with a single point-of response. We leverage our industry experience and strong resources to ensure a smooth transition, impactful decision making and seamless technology transformation.

Our competencies include design, development, and management of exhaustive services that address all key components of your infrastructure and accommodates vast requirements and budget components.


Years Of Business Excellence


Certified experts


Client Retention
What We Offer

Our Coverage Across Managed Services

Our services cater to organizations of all sizes and their needs end to end in order to empower them

  • IT Service Desk Management

    End To End Service Desk Management

  • Data Center Management

    Backup & Recovery
    Server Load Balancing

  • Cloud Management

    All Leading Public IAAS, PAAS & Saas Cloud

  • Application Management

    Application Management
    Application Development
    Application Performance Monitoring

  • Network Management

    Wireless LAN

  • End User Services

    Desktop And Mobile
    Virtual Desktops
    Directory Services
    Unified Communication

  • Tools

    Patch Management
    Reporting & Analytics


  • Support

    24X7 Coverage
    Custom Coverage
    Tiered Support Levels
    Alerts Management
    Realtime Reporting


  • Platform

    Standardized & Cost Optimized IT Operations
    Scaled Infrastructure Uptime & Efficiency
    Collective Infrastructure Visibility
    Improved Operational Intelligence
    IT Consumerization
    Agility Driven By Automation



The Fidelis Edge

Cutting Edge Solutions To Seamless Management

  • Flexibility

  • Collective Coverage

  • Resilient And Secure Solutions

  • In House Experience


  • Industry Coverage

  • Future Ready Insights

Our Model

A Balanced Approach To Augment Tactical Growth

  • Assess

    Develop Roadmaps, Platform & Strategy
    Implementation Of RPA Processes
    Manage Pitfalls

  • Augment

    Proof Of Concept
    Qualify Process
    Challenges And Recommendations

  • Accelerate

    Identify Workflows
    Bot Development
    Orchestration Of Bots

  • Accumulate

    Map Performance
    Technology Platform
    Identification Of Most Suitable Tools Based On Coverage

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